Denver Community Upset About Local Sex Offender


More than 100 residents of a Denver neighborhood gathered this week to ask questions about a repeat offender who was released from prison and allowed to reside in their midst with another sex-offender, reports the Denver Post. The man is David Earl Russell, who assaulted a 4-year-old girl in 2001. He is one of only two violent sexual predators living outside of jail in Denver. His apartment building is within walking distance of a number of schools, and the neighborhood has a large number of young children. Said City Council member Charlie Brown: “We have to come up with a better system. This just isn’t right.”

Greig Veeder, founder of Teaching Humane Existence, which treats sex offenders, proposed that the city construct self-contained communities for sex offenders. Tim Dugan, president of the local citizens association, said, “I do understand you can’t just hide them. Then the chances of reoffending are even higher. Put people like this in the open and this way everyone in the neighborhood can police him. It’s better that we know he’s there.”


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