Cosby Brings Antiviolence Message To Murderous Compton


Bill Cosby visited violence-plagued Compton, Ca., this week with a message, reports the Los Angeles times. He said the city needs to honor Venus and Serena Williams – the tennis superstars who rose from the public courts of Compton to the top of the world rankings. “You’re known for a lot of things, Compton – not many of them good ones. Why don’t you bring them out?”

The city has recorded 54 homicides this year, 11 more than all of last year. At least six more people have been killed near the city. The killings have come amid a steep uptick in shootings that have left about 200 people wounded. In recent months, city leaders have taken steps to improve morale and tackle underlying issues of gang life that fuel much of the local struggle with violence. This month, a city-funded gang intervention program will open its doors, the first in some time. “People who say, ‘I’m not going to flip some burgers. I’m going to sell some drugs, and if I get killed I get killed,’ that’s mind-boggling,” Cosby said, “because we didn’t come from giving up. We came from surviving.”


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