Nashville Chief’s Son Freed After Crash Despite DUI Cases


The son of Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas was at the wheel of a sport utility vehicle that hit the rear of a car earlier this month, just 20 days after he was convicted of two DUIs and surrendered his driver’s license, reports The Tennessean. Dustin Serpas, 27, was not arrested and received a warning after the Oct. 5 crash in Murfreesboro, despite having no identification. An officer who responded to the non-injury wreck indicated that Serpas’ DUI convictions and his suspended or revoked license did not appear in the state Department of Safety computer system when a dispatcher checked it.

Murfreesboro police dismissed the notion that Serpas had received special treatment. “The officer treated this guy like anyone else he would have pulled over, given the information,” said a Murfreesboro police spokesman. “If he would have seen the DUIs in the system, he would have arrested him or written a misdemeanor citation.” Paperwork on the DUI conviction took 27 days to arrive at the state. Said a Nashville police spokesman: “Obviously, the chief wishes Dustin had not been driving, but Dustin is a grown man and makes his own decision and is subject to any consequences.”


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