FBI Shuts Down Huge Detroit-Based Spam Operation


An FBI raid in Michigan has closed what some consider one of the world’s largest houses of spam, the Detroit News reports. Agents in September seized computers, laptops, financial records, and disks from the 8,000-square-foot home of Alan M. Ralsky. His $750,000 mini-mansion was built from profits from the 100 million electronic offers for everything from Botox to mortgages he sends every day. “We’re out of business at this point in time,” Ralsky said. “They didn’t shut us down. They took all our equipment, which had the effect of shutting us down.”

Ralsky, 60, is a gregarious, heavy-smoking ex-convict. In 2002, he agreed to an undisclosed cash settlement to end a lawsuit from Verizon Internet Services, which alleged he twice paralyzed its network in 2000 with his pitches for diet pills, vacations and such. “I’m not a spammer,” Ralsky said. “I’m a commercial e-mailer.” He has called bulk e-mail “the greatest business in the world.”

Link: http://www.detnews.com/2005/technology/0510/16/B01-349738.htm

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