Nashville Chief Defends Tasers As Lifesavers


Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas defended his department’s controversial use of Tasers before the City Council, friends and family members of victims of the stun device, and others, The Tennessean reports. Serpas showed a 28-minute, police-made video about the Taser controversy and said that while not perfect, the Taser is responsible for decreases in the use of lethal force and injuries to officers in Nashville and across the country. The video cited several studies it said show how the nonlethal devices are actually “saving lives” when used as a substitute for bullets.

Officers shown in the program never fired more than three “charges” from the weapon. In a Nashville incident last month, officers used up to 19 individual shots on a 21-year-old man. “Why would an officer have to (shock) someone 19 times? I don’t understand that,” Councilwoman Brenda Gilmore asked. Serpas said he could not comment about the case because it is under investigation.


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