New Orleans Man Beaten By Cops Denies Drinking


The 64-year-old retired elementary school teacher whose beating at the hands of New Orleans police officers was captured on videotape denies doing anything wrong, reports the city’s WDSU-TV. “I didn’t do anything. I was going to get a pack of cigarettes and taking my evening constitutional,” said Robert Davis. Police said he was drunk, but Davis said he hasn’t had a drink in 25 years.

His lawyer said Davis had returned to the storm-struck city over the weekend to check on his properties. Davis was arrested and repeatedly punched in the head by police outside a French Quarter bar. Davis said he had stopped and asked the police officer on the horse what time curfew was and the officer told him. He said that in the middle of his conversation with that officer, another officer interrupted them. Davis said he told the interrupting officer that his behavior was very unprofessional and then walked off. As he was walking away, Davis said, the officer punched him in the back of the head. He said he doesn’t remember anything after that except that a woman kept yelling, “He didn’t do anything.” A federal civil rights investigation has been opened into the beating of Davis, captured on videotape by an Associated Press Television News crew.


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