MA Police Find Trespassers At “Supernatural” Ex-Hospital


Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts is a magnet for practiced ghost hunters and dozens of other trespassers who are curious about the supernatural presence supposedly lurking within the spired, Gothic brick buildings, the Boston Globe reports. The facility on a 500-acre property was emptied of its last patients a dozen years ago. Other closed state mental hospitals have attracted thrill-seekers since patients were shifted to smaller, local treatment centers, part of the national movement away from large state mental hospitals. The suffering of the patients who once lived in these hospitals interests ghost enthusiasts, who believe such settings to be full of troubled and restless spirits.

In Danvers, State Police have made 120 trespassing arrests on the state hospital property in the last five years. Three recent arrestees hope to submit their videotape to a television show that features investigations of the supernatural. The steady stream of unwanted guests at the hospital may have been spurred by a recent horror movie, ”Session 9,” that was filmed there. It may also reflect the growing number of Web sites run by hobbyists of the paranormal, many of which feature Danvers State Hospital as a supposedly haunted place.


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