Prosecutor Earle: Media Friend, Yoga Practitioner


More background on Austin, Tx. District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who is prosecuting U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on campaign finance charges, courtesy of the Washington Post: DeLay has accused Earle of playing to the press. The Post says Earle places it in the broader context of his mission: “Justice depends on the law. The law depends on democracy, democracy depends on free elections and free elections depend on freedom of the press. I see it as all of a piece.”

Earle is an avid practitioner of yoga. “Yoga is an antidote to the joint stiffness that accompanies age,” says Earle, 63. He is an honorary member of Alcoholics Anonymous — even though he’s not an alcoholic. He met many alcoholics while serving as a night court judge, he says. “They invited me to their AA meetings. How could I say no?” Buck Wood, an Austin lawyer and friend of Earle, says the prosecutor is “definitely a moderate,” and that he’s “not involved in the Democratic Party.” A self-described “radical moderate,” Earle has faced little serious opposition in his reelection campaigns.


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