TX Burglary Reports Increase In Days After Rita Hit


Dionne Lacy and her fiance, Reginald Randle, were surprised to see a large dent in their garage door when they returned from an exhausting, five-day evacuation trip to Louisiana, reports the Houston Chronicle. What they initially thought was wind damage to their Texas City home turned out to be the work of thieves who ransacked their residence and others, making off with thousands of dollars’ worth of property. “It was devastating. I don’t feel safe, and now we’re talking about purchasing a gun to protect ourselves, and I never wanted a gun in my home,” she said.

Law enforcement officials said there were increased reports of burglaries of residences and businesses between Sept. 23 and Tuesday. They also arrested an above-average number of burglary suspects, many of whom were caught in the act after alarm systems and alert neighbors notified police. Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt attributes higher-than-average arrest rates to an increased police presence. “Our capture rate for calls for burglary was high,” he said. “At times, the police almost outnumbered the bad guys.” Scott Poland, head of the psychology department at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, said many of the burglaries were committed by “opportunistic people who had probably engaged in lawless acts before.”

Link: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/topstory/3376084

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