New York City-VA Police Friction Over Relief Convoy


Some New York City police officers are complaining that Virginia state police officers “disrespected” an 80-truck motorcade with 300 officers dispatched to New Orleans to give humanitarian assistance, says Newsday columnist Leonard Levitt. Reportedly, the convoy’s leader was told by a trooper: “‘Boy, do you know that in the state of Virginia your [sic] not allowed to use emergency lights unless you are responding to an emergency? Also you are outside of your jurisdiction and you are just considered commercial vehicles and are not allowed to ride in the left lane so you remain in the right lane.”

On a dangerous stretch of road on the convoy’s return from New Orleans, a Virginia officer did a “courtesy stop” to explain “not only were they placing themselves in harm’s way because they were not familiar with that stretch of road, would they mind traveling in the right lane and not using your lights?,” said a Virginia state police spokeswoman. A New York police source responded: “Why would a Virginia state trooper stop a police car in the left lane when they are obeying the speed limit? They are allowed to be in the left lane and the right lane is dangerous. They have their lights on for safety reasons. “Every other state gave them a police escort.”


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