Key House Member: White House Meth Briefing “Pathetic”


The chairman of a U.S. House committee overseeing drug policy has called for the resignation of a top aide to White House drug czar John Walters and has come close to demanding that Walters step down, The Oregonian reports. Rep. Mark Souder (R-In.), spoke after a closed-door briefing in which Bush administration officials described their efforts to halt the spread of methamphetamine abuse. Souder called the presentation “pathetic” and “an embarrassment.” He said officials seemed more interested in defending the status quo than developing a meaningful national meth strategy.

Souder said he wanted the resignation of Dave Murray, a Walters adviser, who led the briefing. Souder also suggested Walters should go, as well. “Clearly, if he does not lead, we need a change of the drug czar,” Souder said. He added later, “If Director Walters and anyone else in that office agrees with what was said today, they should resign.” Murray had a different view: “We had an interesting discussion roundtable with them. “I thought it was pretty productive.” Souder and others from districts with large meth problems have repeatedly criticized the administration’s effort to deal with the illicit drug; his latest remarks were his strongest attack yet.


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