Courthouse Heroine Smith Wants To Fight Drug Abuse


Ashley Smith, the Atlanta-area woman who housed courthouse shooting suspect Brian Nichols before he turned himself in, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she wants to start a foundation for kids who are battling drug addiction. Smith, who is now promoting a book about her story, received $70,000 in reward money for her part in Nichols’s arrest. She says she has quit smoking and hasn’t gone near drugs since the March episode.

Smith says in the book that she gave Nichols some crystal methamphetamine the night he spent in her apartment. Nichols asked if she had marijuana; she said she had “ice” (crystal meth.) Asked by the Journal-Constitution about her trying to talk Nichols out of using drugs, Smith said: “That’s the first person I reached out to – to try to get him to say no. It’s the first time I refused drugs and said no. ? It’s the first time I felt that I would never do it again.”


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