Soldiers Finding New Orleans Looters’ Caches


The National Guard has assembled a computerized diagram of neighborhoods with codes marking the New Orleans addresses where soldiers came upon caches of goods taken by looters after Hurricane Katrina, the Associated Press reports. In the chaos that followed Katrina’s flooding, looters targeted everything from grocery stores to gun shops to trendy women’s clothing boutiques. Military patrols making house-to-house checks for remaining residents or the dead are finding some of the hiding places for the stolen goods.

New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan intends to prosecute as many looters as he can. Few arrests have been made because authorities have been primarily concerned with reaching stranded residents. In homes, National Guard members found automatic teller machines that had been broken open and emptied of cash and bags of ammunition still packaged in 500-round bundles, not the individual boxes of 20 rounds usually sold over the counter. Police are storing seized loot in a makeshift warehouse near the train station.


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