WA Man Says He Spared Sex Offender Who Showed Remorse


The man who confessed to the execution-style slayings of two Washington State sex offenders says he didn’t kill a third man that day because he expressed remorse for his crimes, reports the Seattle Times. Michael Mullen wrote to the newspaper: “I wanted one alive to spread the message that ‘we’ will not tolerate ‘our’ children being used and abused.” Prosecutor Mac Setter said Mullen’s references to his victims’ lack of remorse as a reason for killing them was just self-serving justification.

Mullen, 35, a longtime petty criminal with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, reiterated his plan to seek execution as soon as possible so that he can wait in the afterlife to wreak vengeance on the man whose crimes he said drove him to kill: Joseph Edward Duncan III. Duncan is a Level 3 sex offender – considered to have a high risk of reoffending – who faces possible execution in Idaho for allegedly slaying three members of a family so that he could kidnap two children for sex. Mullen’s letter, in response to written questions from a Times reporter, offers more details of his state of mind when he targeted one of the murdered sex offender, who had been living quietly with two roommates. Mullen allegedly used a county sheriff’s Sex Offender Notification Web site to create a hit list of Level 3 offenders.

Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002495887_mullen15m.html

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