Project 7th Grade Offers Free Drug-Test Kits To Parents


Parents of seventh-graders in the Oak Hills school district near Cincinnati will be offered free drug-testing kits worth $28. The Cincinnati Enquirer says it is part of a national campaign called Project 7th Grade. It aims to get parents of adolescents talking about the consequences of drug abuse before children enter the age when they’re most likely to try drugs. The makers of First Check home testing kits and a national drug awareness group, notMYkid Inc. are handing out $1 million in drug kits at schools nationwide, said Steven C. Moak, founder of notMYkid and controlling shareholder of Worldwide Medical LLC, which makes First Check.

Moak, whose company is based in Lake Forest, Ca., says it’s a crusade for him and his wife, Debbie, who’ve helped one of their two sons overcome a drug addiction that began in middle school and took hold in high school. “Seventh-graders are still naive about what is going on with drug use,” he says. The kits can test urine for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates. Parents put a few drops of their child’s urine on a plastic panel. If a line appears next to a drug’s symbol, that means it is not present. If it remains blank, then the parent should ship the sample to First Check’s labs for further analysis, Moak said.


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