MA Police Instructor Under Investigation For Toilet Hazing


A Massachusetts state police instructor is under investigation for allegedly forcing recruits’ heads into dirty toilets in a hazing ritual that was kept under wraps until a female major complained to top brass, reports the Boston Herald. “The instructor put his boot on the backs of their heads,” said one source. “People complained, but their complaints were never taken seriously.”

The alleged hazing took place at the state police academy, where 174 aspiring troopers have been training since late June. Some recruits have dropped out of the grueling 25-week program. A veteran trooper said because of the state police’s paramilitary structure, hazing complaints are not unusual. “A kick in the ass, a head in the john. It’s nothing new,” he said. “Anything they did to you at the academy, you kept your mouth shut. That’s how bad you wanted to get on the job.”


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