GA Gun Instructor Who Killed Cop Violated Key Rules


A veteran firearms instructor violated two key safety rules when he brought a loaded gun into a Georgia police academy, where he accidentally shot and killed a recruit Tuesday during demonstration on how to draw a pistol, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Tara Drummond, 23, who hoped to become a detective, died after being hit in the chest by a single round. All ammunition is banned from the building, said an official, who declined to release the instructor’s name. A state policy bans any working firearm – loaded or not.

“In the classroom, they use what is called a red gun, models that are made of red, hard plastic that are replicas of actual handguns,” said one official. Drummond, a rookie at the Kennesaw, Ga., Police Department, was in her seventh week of the 10-week training course. The shooting occurred during the first day of firearms instruction for 30 students. The instructor will remain on paid leave pending an investigation.


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