No Criminal Charges In Cop Killing Of Boston Student


Boston police officers involved in last fall’s fatal shooting of college student Victoria Snelgrove will not face criminal charges, reports the Boston Globe. Describing their actions as careless and negligent, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said officers who fired pepper pellets into crowds celebrating the Red Sox’s pennant victory did not intend to hurt anyone but were trying to protect the public and themselves. Snelgrove, 21, who was struck in the eye by a pepper pellet, died because of a series of bad decisions by the Police Department, including inadequate training and inappropriate use of force, but not because of ”wanton recklessness” by any officers, Conley said.

”Let me be very clear: Victoria Snelgrove’s death was avoidable,” Conley said. ”Poor judgment, however, is not the standard for criminal charges.” Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole said the department has permanently shelved the FN303 pepper-pellet weapons that killed Snelgrove and injured two others. She said officers are getting more weapons training and that a department committee is developing better crowd-control policies. ”Out of all bad, we learn lessons,” she said. She will announce in the next few days what departmental discipline, if any, officers involved will face.


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