IN Female Inmates Help Abused, Abandoned Children


Inmates at Indiana’s Women’s Prison crochet blankets for kids at the Children’s Guardian Home, says Indianapolis Star columnist Ruth Holladay. They are touched are creating warmth for kids in need — youngsters taken from homes because of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. A blind inmate, 40, says she lost her sons to her ravenous drug habit. In a secure brick cottage on the bucolic prison campus, she said, she has found a meaningful life.

Of seven women in the project, three are in for dealing drugs, three are murderers, one committed forgery. Superintendent Dana Blank, with 37 years in corrections, says that prisoners need to give back. Anna Sasin, project coordinator for the medical management unit, where the women live, says, “The moral choices these women made were very poor. But that does not mean they are bad. God created them good.”


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