IL Official Says Detention Workers Not “Stooges, Hacks”


Cook County, Il., Board President John Stroger in Chicago rejects allegations he has filled the county’s Juvenile Temporary Detention Center with unqualified patronage hires who allow youths to languish in disturbing conditions, the Chicago Tribune reports. At a marathon board meeting marked by shouted accusations, he told commissioners seeking an independent audit to “stop beating up on my personnel” and denied he has dumped political “hacks” into the facility where 450 juveniles are housed.

Said Stroger: “There have got to be some problems, but to say that all these people are bad people, not trained properly, political stooges and hacks, I resent that.” A Chicago Tribune editorial board investigation found that at least 7 percent of the 480 employees at the center have criminal records. It is a woefully disorganized, dirty and at times abusive facility that Stroger has used as a patronage dumping ground, the investigation found.


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