Paper Calls IL Detention Center “Filthy, Chaotic Mess”


Chicago’s juvenile detention center “has spiraled into a wasteful, disorganized, abusive cesspool,” editorializes the Chicago Tribune. The newspaper says those in charge don’t have the proper experience and have created “a culture of ineptitude so profound it seeps into every corner of the center.” The newspaper says many key employees have political connections to John Stroger, the president of the Cook County Board.

Says the Tribune: “They preside over an institution that is a dangerous, filthy, chaotic mess. It is an outrageously unprofessional operation.” The John Howard Association, a court-appointed monitor for the center, found one employee who signed in at 8 a.m. one day and signed out two days later. That makes it difficult to investigate incidents of staff abuse of kids. “You can’t verify who is working on any given day,” said Chip Coldren, president of the association. “This was brought up at a meeting, and supervisors were looking and pointing at each other like they were 3rd graders,” Coldren said.


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