Miami Retreats On Some Provisions Of Sex Offender Law


Miami-Dade commissioners have revised a controversial law that would have virtually banned sexual offenders from living within the county limits, says the Miami Herald. The panel struck provisions that created half-mile barriers around thousands of day care centers and public school bus stops. Instead, the proposal only bars sexual offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a public or private school. It also prohibits sex offenders from frequenting public parks — including the county’s beaches and marinas — if a child other than their own is present.

Even pared down to just schools and parks, the ordinance would make only narrow geographic slivers available to sexual offenders to set up residences. If the proposal is adopted, the county would add to the avalanche of similar legislation that has swept through the state in the wake of the high-profile murders of two girls by convicted sex offenders this year. Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, chairwoman of the committee that reviewed the sexual offender laws, said, “I am not going to be sensitive to criminals. My sensitivity is to the victims, but we have to do something that is constitutional. We don’t need a hundred lawsuits.”


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