WA Sex Offender Killings Reportedly Prompted By Idaho Case


Washington State authorities say that Michael Mullen, 35, has confessed to killing two sex offenders who had served their time and had been quietly living in suburban Bellingham, reports the Seattle Times. Police said the motivation was the highly publicized case in Idaho in which children were allegedly abducted and their family killed by convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III. Mullen called police Monday and turned himself in.

On July 13, Mullen examined the list of sex offenders on the Whatcom County, Wa., sheriff’s Web site, said one source. From that list, he chose at least one of the two victims. Pretending to be an FBI agent, he told the men their names appeared on a hit list. Wearing an FBI cap and a blue jumpsuit, Mullen spent several hours there. Mullen has several convictions in Washington for theft and writing bad checks. The story of Duncan, a sex offender arrested in July, had a profound effect on Mullen, said Bellingham police Lt. Craige Ambrose.

Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002477146_sexoffender07m.html

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