Miami Thieves Stealing From Cars Parked In Cemeteries


When Carol Blackwood, a retired Miami police officer, visited her late husband’s grave site, thieves snatched her purse from the passenger seat of her car and took off in a matter of minutes, says the Miami Herald. At least 32 people have reported car burglaries at cemeteries all over the county since January. Purses in unattended cars are the most common target, but thieves are stealing cash, credit cards, cellphones, and anything else they can grab. On one occasion, they made off with a badge and a .38-caliber revolver belonging to a Miami-Dade police officer. Police say the bandits searching for unattended vehicles and smashing windows to reach any loot inside.

Said Miami-Dade police Detective Robert Gonzalez: “This is a crime of opportunity in which the burglar sees the person is purseless. The bad guy knows the purse is in the car or trunk.” Idania Rivera became a victim last month while placing flowers in her parent’s mausoleum. She left her purse under the driver’s seat and was only gone seven minutes. When she got back, someone had smashed the driver’s side window. She said: “Now I’m scared to go. I would have never thought something like this could happen at the cemetery of all places.”


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