Ex-New Orleans Cop Believes Most Officers Doing “Noble” Job


Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas, a New Orleans police officer for 21 years, believes that some media reports focusing on officers there who quit in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may be misleading. The Tennessean reports that Serpas talks daily to a friend, Edwin Hosli, captain of New Orleans’ Second Police District. Hosli has been holed up in the district office since the Saturday before the storm, managing his officers.

Serpas said government response has been inadequate. “I am disturbed by the relief. I was in there 21 years and, in the last 11 years, the major or chief had very detailed plans. At a time like that, the No. 1 thing is life saving. But a millisecond behind that is order maintenance. That’s the looting piece – the disregard for social values and the walking down the streets with handguns.” Regarding reports of officers quitting, Serpas said: “I think about my friend Eddie, with water up to his neck. And another officer would look at him and walk away? I don’t understand it. I am hoping the media reports are not accurate. Policing is a noble profession for moments just like this.”

Link: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050907/NEWS01/509070439/1001

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