Weapons Found On TX-Bound Planes With LA Evacuees


At least 80 uniformed San Antonio Police Department officers patrolled shelters for Louisiana evacuees today, police spokesman Joe Rios told the San Antonio Express-News. The mood at KellyUSA shelters remained relatively calm although many evacuees have descended from the planes and buses disoriented, some on the verge of breakdown. “These people have been through enough,” Rios said. “Our police methods, we have to use more discretion at these times.”

Some flights to the city were plagued with minor disturbances but none have warranted prosecution. Officers detained at least two people and sent them to a hospital based on emergency detention orders for mental evaluation. Officials have discovered and confiscated a number of weapons evacuees left behind on the planes rather than risk arrest once they descend the aircraft, Rios said.

Link: http://www.mysanantonio.com/specials/katrina/stories/MYSA090405.kelly.en.25335458.html

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