AL To Deny Bail To Post-Katrina Looting Suspects


No one found looting in Mobile County will be able to be bailed out of jail, reports the Mobile Register. The proclamation was authorized by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Drayton Nabers Jr. and agreed to by all Mobile County judges. Before the no-bail edict, two men were arrested in Mobile, accused of stealing beer from a store. They were charged with third-degree burglary. The no-bail rule will be interpreted to include anyone who commits a storm-related burglary, said Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas.

A looter is someone who takes goods from a home or business that has been compromised by the storm, while a storm-related burglar would be someone who takes goods from an intact store or home. For instance, if a grocery store window was broken by a tree limb during Hurricane Katrina and a person jumped through that window to steal groceries, he or she would be classified as a looter. “While these perpetrators are sitting in jail, they can contemplate the fact that our office intends to vigorously prosecute them for attempting to take advantage of the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” said Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson Jr.


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