Life on the Streets: One Woman’s Story


Times-Dispatch columnist Mark Holmberg describes how a young woman ended up on the streets of Richmond, Va. He writes, “She was just 18 when she stooped to a new low to get her next high. It was 1999, and she had already sunk pretty low. She had been a stripper for three years, pulling off her clothes for men inside Richmond’s Red Light Inn and a club in Washington, she said…At 16, with a year of stripping behind her, she had her first child by a member of the murderous, drug-dealing Dog Pound gang based in Richmond’s Randolph neighborhood.”

He continued, “She had called in response to last Sunday’s column about the prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers plaguing the city’s North Side. She wanted you to know what it’s like, why it’s so tough to stop. She did not want her real name published. But she gave it to me. Her criminal record clearly shows she’s telling the brutal truth. Telling it is a way to heal the scars that began in earnest once she started sniffing heroin.”


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