Feds Tout National Meth Sweep; 400 Arrested


Facing growing criticism that the federal government is not doing enough to combat methamphetamine use, the Justice Department yesterday announced the results of a week-long raid of drug suppliers and manufacturers and unveiled a Web site aimed at dissuading teenagers from taking up the drug, reports the Washington Post. Operation Wildfire, billed as the first nationally coordinated investigation to target methamphetamine, resulted in more than 400 arrests and the dismantling of 56 drug laboratories nationwide, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Police and drug agents found 30 children in the makeshift labs when they were raided, officials said.

The teen-oriented anti-meth Web site www.justthinktwice.com was launched by the DEA and the Justice Department. The site features graphic pictures of drug users’ rotting teeth, before-and-after pictures of methamphetamine users and other warnings about the perils of methamphetamine abuse. Yesterday’s news conference marked the second time this month that the Bush administration has sought to focus attention on the federal government’s efforts to contain methamphetamine trafficking and use.

Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/30/AR2005083000946.html

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