Retired G-Man Is on the Wispy Trail D.B. Cooper


For California lawyer and former FBI agent Richard Tosaw, summer means trekking to the Columbia River in Washington state and continuing his 24-year search for the legendary skyjacker known as D.B. Cooper, reports the Los Angeles Times. Thirty-four years ago, Cooper parachuted from a jetliner with $200,000 – and into folk-hero stardom. He was never seen or heard from again.

The FBI calls his crime the only unsolved skyjacking in history, and the agency continues to keep the case open. Tosaw believes the skyjacker’s remains lie somewhere in the river. This month he hired a team of divers to scour a stretch of the river where a small portion of the ransom money was found. It was Tosaw’s second trip to the river this summer. He has made the journey often enough to call it a tradition. “I know guys who go elk hunting every year,” said Tosaw, 80, who lives in the Modesto area. “I look for Mr. Cooper. It’s my hobby.”


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