Nebraska Roiled Over Statutory Rape Case


On Sunday evening, Matthew Koso tipped three ounces of formula into his 5-day-old daughter’s mouth in Falls City, Neb., then hoisted her atop his shoulder in hope of a burp. On Tuesday morning, he is scheduled to be arraigned on charges for which the newborn is the state’s prime piece of evidence, reports the New York Times.

Koso is 22. The baby’s mother, Crystal, is 14. He is charged with statutory rape, even though they were wed with their parents’ blessing in May, crossing into Kansas because their own state prohibits marriages of people under 17. The Nebraska attorney general accuses Koso of being a pedophile; they say it is true love. Outrage over the case has rippled through Falls City, a town of 4,800 about 100 miles from both Omaha and Kansas City, and to the state capitals of both Kansas and Nebraska.


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