KY Families Cope With Wreckage of DUI Deaths


On July 9, 2002, Jamie Parsley and Cory Stauble died in a ball of fire and twisted metal caused by a drunken driver whose blood-alcohol content was so high that a normal person “would almost be crawling,” a police investigator told the Louisville Courier-Journal. In an instant, two deaths turned four lives inside out. “Before we were happy and had sad times,” said Jamie’s mother, Kay Parsley. “Now we are sad and have happy times.”

For the Parsleys, Archie and Kay, and the Staubles, Bob and Karla, the healing has been slow, agonizing and incomplete. After three years of crying, counseling and rediscovering reasons to smile, Jamie and Cory’s parents said they still struggle some days to get out of bed. To finish a book. To remember a grocery list. To even find their car keys. But they have found ways to cope. The newspaper tells the story of the victims, their families and the drunken driver who killed the teens.


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