Coping With Crime ‘Wears Down’ McKeesport, PA


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiles the crime problem in McKeesport, a working class suburb. It’s not so much the high-profile crimes, those that draw the television cameras and are splashed across the news, that erode the quality of life there, the paper reports. It’s the day-to-day hassles of gangs of young people in the street, punctuated with shots that may hit no one, that grind the residents down.

The police department has had a busy year. In the first two months of summer, McKeesport police answered 5,725 calls and made 596 arrests. During the first seven months of this year, the 60-member department answered 18,333 calls, nearly 5,000 more than all of the calls answered last year. McKeesport is not among the highest crime communities in Pennsylvania; it is among a group of towns and neighborhoods that have persistent levels of both nonviolent and violent crime.


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