Web Site Maps Locations of Sex Offenders


A new free Web site, mapsexoffenders.com, does what its name implies by grafting publicly available state sex-offender registries onto Google maps, reports Newsweek. Type in your address and up pops a map of your neighborhood with red flags marking the residences of sex offenders. Click on a flag and a window appears with the predator’s name, address, photo and offense.

So far, the site has 34 states mapped, and its developer–Orbizon Inc., an Orem, Utah, Web-development company–aims to reach about 40. Oregon and South Dakota don’t have statewide Internet sex-offender registries yet-–a requirement they must meet by next year under new federal legislation updating Megan’s Law–and other states either don’t allow their registry information to be publicized by third parties or use technology incompatible with mapsexoffenders.com’s system.

Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8938145/site/newsweek/

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