Poor Counterfeit Cash Still Fools Small Businesses


Small mom-and-pop businesses are the most frequent targets of counterfeiters, says Secret Service official Dale Pupillo, reports USA Today. Counterfeiters prey on inexperienced and busy workers, from high school students working at ice cream stores to bartenders in busy clubs. Local and federal law enforcement officials are bringing cases that illustrate how advances in digital-imaging technology have made counterfeiting easier. With inkjet printers or tabletop color copiers, anyone can make counterfeit cash quickly in his or her home.

Pupillo says counterfeiters pay little attention to detail, often producing poor-quality fake cash. Despite the changes in counterfeiting, the amount of fake cash produced, seized, and passed has remained stable in recent years. Last year domestic counterfeiters produced about $53.7 million in fake cash. Of that, law enforcement officials seized about $10.3 million, which left $43.4 million in circulation.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-08-17-counterfeit-digital_x.htm

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