NY’s Morgenthau Escapes News Media Criticism


As longtime Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau runs for another four-year term, the news media have “awarded him sainthood,” says the Village Voice. Media columnist Sydney Schanberg says, “Virtually every story brings up his age, 85, and then–correctly–brushes it aside with a litany about his mental acuity and his tennis game.”

While Morgenthau has done many laudable things, says Schanberg, he also has “looked after the New York City establishment,” helping them out when they get into trouble. Schanberg says that publisher Random House allowed Morgenthau to edit out unfavorable passages about him in a 1996 biography of whistle-blower David Durk. The voice also notes that Morgenthau tried to undermine a 1970s-era special state prosecutor probing judicial corruption.

Link: http://villagevoice.com/news/0533,schanberg,66892,6.html

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