Hundreds Of MI Foster Kids In Homes With Convicts


Hundreds of Michigan foster children may be at risk because they’re living with adults convicted of crimes, including domestic violence, assault and battery and criminal sexual conduct, says the Detroit News, quoting a state audit. The state does not ensure that workers conduct and document criminal history background checks before placing its approximately 19,000 foster children in homes, said the Auditor General.

The audit of 12,900 foster care providers found that 353 people living with foster children were convicted vduring a five-year period of a crime that may disqualify them from caring for the children. A state human services official said that “the vast majority of our foster parents do not have a criminal history.” The state foster care manual requires background checks of all people living in foster care homes, and prohibits placing children in homes if any adult has been convicted of child abuse or neglect, crimes against children, or domestic violence.


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