Released “Stomper” Terrorizes Boston’s Homeless


Terror has hit Boston’s homeless community after the apparent brutal murder of a street person who was listed as a potential witness against a recently freed convicted killer who also is homeless, reports the Boston Herald. The battered body of Steven Neiber was found Saturday morning. “The Stomper did this,” said an advocate for the homeless. The moniker is attached to a man who was convicted of manslaughter in the death of one homeless person whose skull he kicked in and is suspected in the death of another homeless man who was brutally killed.

“The Stomper”‘ was released from jail last month after pleading guilty to charges he attacked his victim behind a downtown hotel. A judge sentenced him to time served, roughly nine months. The lenient sentence was ordered over the objections of prosecutors, who argued that the man had been implicated in another killing. “We vigorously opposed that sentence. We felt the severity of the crime warranted a much stiffer punishment,” said David Procopio, a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Coley. “The homeless community should no more have to live in fear than anyone else in Boston.”


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