Deputies Apologize In Shooting, Appeal Discipline


Eight of nine sheriff’s deputies who apologized in May for their roles in a wild shootout that sent 120 bullets flying around a Compton, Ca., neighborhood are appealing the discipline imposed by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, reports the Los Angeles Times. Both the unarmed suspect and a deputy were struck. The deputies’ appeal has some questioning whether the apologies were sincere.

“For them to make a public apology and then appeal the discipline to me means they really didn’t mean what they said,” said the Rev. Kerry Allison, pastor of Hope Community Church. Baca proposed suspensions without pay ranging from three days to 15 days for 10 deputies and a sergeant. Gregory Emerson, an attorney for deputies, called the appeals routine. He said the deputies remain contrite and willing to accept punishment but believe Baca’s sanctions are too harsh. “The way it’s worked traditionally is they come up with artificially high numbers [of days] and they negotiate it. In no way does that diminish or detract from their apology. They stand behind it,” Emerson said.


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