Cleveland’s Novel Learning Tests For Teen Convicts


Nearly 3,000 children spent an average of 12 days locked up at the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Detention Center last year, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Juvenile Court officials think they have found a way to at least point them in the right direction: Five psychologists have been hired to test convicted juvenile delinquents for learning disabilities. “We’re the first juvenile court in the country to try this,” staff attorney Mark Majer said. “And when we get the data to prove it’s working, we’re going to ask legislators to make it a part of every juvenile detention program in Ohio.”

Testing, approved by the parents, began Tuesday. A dozen boys in the detention center were thrilled to learn of the program. “This is going to be really great,” one said. “You’re going to help us at the school after we leave here?” another asked. “Wow.” Up to 60 percent of children whose behavior lands them in Juvenile Court have learning disabilities, says the Children’s Defense Fund.


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