Victim Advocates Plot Ways To Maintain Federal Aid


Having defeated a threat against federal aid to crime victims, politicians and advocates met in Atlanta this week to build support to preserve the fund, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The threat is not over,” said Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tx.). “We don’t want to go through this process the next time there is a federal budget.”

In this year’s appropriations process, President Bush proposed to cut back on the $1.2 billion fund created in 1984 that allots fines paid by criminals to crime victim aid. Poe and others met with members of the House Appropriations Committee to get the money reinstated. He will propose legislation that will protect it. Poe was joined by more than 1,200 victims advocates and law enforcement officials for the National Organization for Victim Assistance conference to discuss that and other issues. Every year, more than $600 million is given to various programs and as many as 4 million victims.


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