Detroit’s Most Arrested Man: 69 and Counting


You know about most wanted. How about most arrested? In Detroit, that dubious distinction may belong to Nathan J. Johnson, reports the city’s Free Press. At the very least, police say, he’s on the leader board. Detroit police say Johnson, 38, has been arrested 50 times during the last two decades and has been charged — 69 times — with a variety of crimes. Now, he faces three new counts, related to an Aug. 2 shooting.

The kicker? He’s at large. “There’s not one person at fault. It’s just a vicious cycle,” Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings said Wednesday. “We have to do a better job of getting these people off the streets that are carrying weapons and committing violent crimes.”

Johnson’s arrest record in Detroit dates to 1985, with charges ranging from driving without a license — he has never had one, say police — to drug possession, auto theft and felonious assault. He’s had numerous convictions, though neither police nor prosecutors know how many.


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