VT Cooks Up New Plan for Unruly Convicts: Nutriloaf


Vermont corrections officials have cooked up a new plan for disciplining unruly inmates: nutriloaf, an intentionally unappetizing yet fully nutritious meal that would be served to inmates who throw food or bodily fluids, reports the Burlington Free Press. Its ingredients include slices of whole wheat bread, non-dairy cheese, raw carrots, canned spinach, raisins, beans, oil, tomato paste, powdered milk and potato flakes. “It changes behavior,” said Bob Kupec, facilities executive with the Department of Corrections.

Kupec told a legislative committee he borrowed the recipe from a prison in Maryland, where he was formerly warden. “I saw its effectiveness there,” he said. Its use in Vermont comes in response to recent problems with inmates using urine and feces as weapons against corrections officers, particularly at the Springfield prison. The Legislature this year made it a crime to throw bodily fluids, but authorities were looking for another way to curb inmate misbehavior. The nutriloaf method is expected to begin in the fall.

Link: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050809/NEWS01/508090313/1009&theme=

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