Web Amateurs Map Crime; Next Generation of Comstat?


Want to see where the latest crime in Richmond, Va., occurred? You can Google it — sort of. Using public information from the Richmond Police Department, RichmondCrime.org uses Google Maps to pinpoint locations of crimes, reports the city’s Times-Dispatch.

The Web site — independent from the police department — was developed by PharrOut LLC, a Richmond-based Web-development company. Ross Catrow, one of the company’s founders, got the idea from ChicagoCrime.org. RichmondCrime.org, updated about twice a week, pinpoints crimes ranging from pick-pocketing and theft to prostitution and homicide. Web surfers can also type an address into the search box to check what types of crime occurred at specific times, dates and locations. Another site, IncidentLog.com, features locations of national crimes. The sites are part of a Web trend of overlaying different tools onto Google Maps.

Link: http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite

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