US Muslims Get Proactive Against Youth Extremism


Alarmed by the London subway bombings, U.S. Muslim activists are taking a series of steps aimed at preventing young people here from embracing extremist ideas — including producing a pamphlet on how to spot susceptible youth, reports the Washington Post. The projects reflect the soul-searching in mosques and in Muslim groups since the July 7 attacks, which left 56 people dead, including the four British suicide bombers.

“This is really the battle of the future. The ideological war should be won with the young,” said Maher Hathout, a leader of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Los Angeles-based group involved in the new efforts. U.S. Muslim groups have roundly condemned the British subway attack and a subsequent failed bombing attempt. They said they have no evidence of a similar threat in this country. Muslims here are generally more educated and better off economically than those in Europe, and in many cases they are more assimilated.


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