NRA: Boycott Firms That Bar Guns From Parked Cars


The National Rifle Association has called for a boycott of companies that do not allow workers to keep firearms in the cars they park at work, reports the Los Angeles Times. The boycott will focus most immediately on ConocoPhillips. The Houston-based oil and energy giant has sued to block an Oklahoma law that gives residents the right to keep firearms in cars outside their workplaces.

The campaign was to be announced at a town hall-style meeting last night in Oklahoma by Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president. LaPierre said the NRA would urge gun enthusiasts to boycott ConocoPhillips products, ask retailers to push the parent company to change its policy, and erect billboards targeting the company’s Conoco and Phillips 66 gas stations. The billboards will read: “ConocoPhillips is no friend of the 2nd Amendment.” Gun-control advocates said weapons left in cars in employee parking lots had been used in a number of workplace incidents – including one in Mississippi in 2003, when a factory worker killed five colleagues before committing suicide.


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