Boston Minister To Spend A Week In Crime Hot Spot


In an effort to stem violence in Codman Square in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, the Rev. Bruce Wall and supporters from Global Ministries rented an apartment near a troubled street to see if they can ease the problem by their presence. A Boston Globe reporter will provide daily reports from the street.

Residents call it the Hell Zone: a half-block of Lyndhurst Street where dope dealers openly run their business, and prostitutes turn tricks from dusk until 7 a.m., forcing residents to lock themselves inside their half-million-dollar homes. At night, young men in baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts, and sports jerseys use rocks and beer bottles to knock out street lights. Late-night fights often spill into the street, sometimes punctuated by gunfire. On July 4, the violence took its toll when a bullet struck a man, 28, in the head, killing him instantly. The shooting prompted the Rev. Bruce Wall of Global Ministries Christian Church to stage what he calls an “occupation” of Lyndhurst Street. Yesterday, he began living in an apartment he has rented near the troubled corner. For one week, he and his followers vow to rid the street of drug-dealing and gun-wielding youths.


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