All Inmates In IL Prison Wear Tracking Wristbands


There is no place to hide at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, Il., says the Bloomington (Il.) Pantagraph. The medium-security facility is the only prison in the state taking part in a $3 million pilot program that monitors every movement of its 1,900 inmates. “It’s been very helpful for us for two reasons — the inmates all wear wristbands that track their movements and a PAL system for staff has a three-way safety feature,” said Warden Greg Firkus.

The PAL system outfits employees with a small, pager-size device that activates an alarm if staff members find themselves in trouble, or they fall for any reason. When the alarm goes off, a computer screen in the prison’s armory shows their exact location. Inmates have learned how to use the system to their advantage “If an inmate thinks someone has stolen their property, they say, ‘Check the monitor, see who was in that area,'” Firkus said. The inmate unit is about the size of a man’s wristwatch. A battery lasts about a year before it needs to be replaced. If the device is tampered with or broken, an alarm is activated.


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