Sheriff Reassigns WI Deputy Who Criticized Him


A sheriff’s deputy who criticized Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. in a union newsletter was reassigned to a one-man foot patrol, with no squad car, in an area where a spate of murders has garnered community attention, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Deputy Michael Schuh, 55, was told to take a county bus to and from the neighborhood, contact every home and business, encourage cooperation with police and distribute sheriff’s department business cards.

Schuh, an 18-year department veteran, had questioned Clarke’s courage and use of deputies to escort him. The Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association called the reassignment a dangerous form of retaliation and intends to file a lawsuit in an attempt to stop it. Clarke said he was focused on finding ways to combat “senseless violence.” He said: “We’ve had over 170 murders in this county in the last 18 months, the last three in a 12-hour time frame, countless shootings, armed robberies and other aggravated assaults and you’re asking me about some deputy’s assignment? Are you kidding me?”


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