Milwaukee Declares Tasers OK For Officer Use


Milwaukee police officers have started using stun guns again, four months after the department pulled the guns to study how they were being used, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. When the department ended a one-year test of Tasers in March, Tasers had been used 262 times to subdue subjects by 57 officers. The department concluded that Tasers helped officers safely subdue people who were resisting arrest, said Sgt. Mike Kuspa, the department’s range master.

The department returned about 25 Tasers to the street last week. They are being shared by about 90 officers who were trained to use them. The device runs on batteries. Each gun costs $400, plus about another $300 for accessories and cartridges. Nationwide, questions have been raised about the device’s safety with a number of deaths being reported after its use.


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